Everybody Move!!! surprise release out now!!


Produced, mixed and mastered by: Yungg Trip
Recorded July 5th, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
Released July 9th, 2019

Everybody move ain’t nobody gettin hurt tho
Green and purple going round in a circle
Above the noise when you chillin wit the boys
Livin loud volume up on the Voids
Yeah we disturbing the peace
Yeah yeah thats the word on the street
I don’t know what to tell you Trip you murdered the beat
So I’ma give it style like some European jeans
Its they asphalt (ass fault), but they don’t own the city
It might be last call but I got the owners wit me
Yeah got the big sound string up couple dubplates working
Every single person say the vibes is perfect now
I know they hear it how the strawberry coughing
Bury soundboy in red thats a strawberry coffin
Forever gone but they never forgotten
Burn a big head spliff blend it up like a cotton

#BobbyHustle #EverybodyMove #YunggTrip

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