“Somewhere In The Middle” with The Movement!!!!!

I’m so happy to share “Somewhere In The Middle” with you! This is the second single from my upcoming EP “Side Hustle”, produced by LuisDreadlocks from Iya Terra (EP out July, 2021). We originally wrote and recorded the song during the early part of the 2020 pandemic. When I sent Luis my version without a third verse, we discussed who we might ask to complete the song. Of course, when I suggested Hook from the Movement, Luis agreed that would be crucial! Sure enough he sent the song off to Hook and in a few days we got a response email with his massive contribution.

Make sure you guys add this one to your playlists. You can download it legally or bootleg it, I don’t care! Just put it on blast!!! “We gotta make ends meet somewhere in the middle and the chips always fall somewhere in the middle!” LISTEN HERE: https://bobbyhustle.ffm.to/SomewhereInTheMiddle

At Red Rocks, Colorado during soundcheck for the Movement’s sold out show May 14, 2021!
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