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“Since June 1st, I’ve been traveling around Germany performing at clubs and promoting my debut album ‘Its The Hustle’ which drops July 17th.  The first stop was in Aachen with Small Axe Sound for their 17th anniversary celebration.  It was a wicked party in the big basement of an old WWII bunker.  The place was packed, sweaty and smoky and I loved it.

Up next I flew to Berlin and met up with Panza from the well known German Supersonic Soundsystem. We spent the night in Berlin then woke up and drove 4 hrs to play a show in Beilefeld with the Soundquake family.  Soundquake is famous for their vinyl record distribution company from back in the 90’s and 2000’s.  Their massive was there to party for sure and they were feeling my set too! I got to sign my first autographs in Europe and take some photos with some new fans as well.

The next day we got back in the car and drove 4 hrs to Berlin, took a short rest and then went to the legendary Berlin club called YAAM.  This venue has hosted EVERY big reggae act in the last 20 years in Berlin.  So to play there was an honor for a reggae lover like me.  Moreover, I got to perform with Supersonic and the Mighty Pow Pow Movement. I remember buying 7” vinyl from Pow Pow in 2005 and now ten years later I’m playing a show with them in Berlin! Proof that dreams are possible through hard work and determination. And the Berlin massive was super hyped on my performance too. The place was full up and DJ R2D2 from Dirty Ragga Squad warmed up the vibes properly, playing all different genres with no limitation.  Then Supersonic played a quick one-drop set and brought me out.  If you’ve seen one of my shows, you know I really love crowd interaction, and the Berlin fans were very willing to participate…After the show at YAAM I spent a week in Berlin doing some recording and album promotion, including a meeting about printing “Its The Hustle” on vinyl. So all my vinyl heads in #TeamHustle stay tuned, hopefully we’ll have some good news for you soon!

My next show was June 13 in Cologne with Kingstone sound.  The club was small and super crowded, which made for a really nice dancehall atmosphere and Kingstone sound shelled the place til 7am! I performed around 3am and it was nothing but positive feedback again! I think I was really in my zone that day because earlier I had a great interview with Ellen and Pete from the highly influential Riddim Magazine.  Expect a review and feature on “Its The Hustle” in Riddim Magazine coming soon.

Since the Cologne show I’ve come back to Berlin, done a few pass throughs at some clubs (including a send-off performance with Berlin’s veteran soca ambassador Barney Millah) and some more album promotion.  On June 20 I travel to Warsaw, Poland for the first time to perform with Mystic Roots Sound at Boogaloo Beach Bar.  I have no idea what to expect about Poland?!?! But word on the street is the dancehall scene tun up…so stay tuned for an update after the weekend hahaha…”

– Bobby Hustle

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